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Engaging Lisa Frederiksen’s Consulting and Coaching Services can have a significant impact on the treatment, prevention and intervention of drug and alcohol misuse and its fall-out, such as that associated with secondhand drinking. It can:

  • help family members understand addiction (aka substance use disorder), why it’s not the same as substance misuse, what it takes to treat it and what is considered effective treatment [please visit “Consulting and Recovery Coaching For Families” to learn more about the consulting work I do with individuals and families]
  • improve a company or public agency’s bottom line, employee health and workplace safety (please visit SHD for details on Lisa’s work with employers)
  • help a school district formulate across-the-grades curriculum around brain health and the power of the brain
  • assist treatment centers with establishing Family Programs and client education services centered around 21st century brain, fight-or-flight stress response system and addiction-related research
  • assist family law firms with establishing protocols for dealing with clients in which substance misuse or secondhand drinking are alleged
  • help a military installation establish protocols to address PTSD and other mental illnesses, suicide prevention, domestic violence and substance misuse through the interrelated brain aspects of these issues
  • help public policy makers incorporate new brain and addiction-related research to reduce recidivism
  • and be customized to fit a client’s specific goals and objectives.

To Learn More About Lisa Frederiksen’s Consulting and Coaching Services

Send Lisa Frederiksen an email at or call her at 650-362-3026 (PST) to find out more about these unusual programs and the many directions they can take to meet client needs. To learn more about Lisa and her work, click About.

Please note that all programs are equally applicable to drug misuse and secondhand drugging.