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5 Links to Help Parents Prevent / Reduce Underage Drinking

Underage drinking. One of the most difficult aspects of being a parent during the teens years is knowing what to do and say about underage drinking. Here are five key facts  and links to resources that can provide important information to help parents prepare for and navigate this difficult time in a teen’s life. It’sContinue Reading

Understanding WHY Early Use Is a Key Risk Factor for Alcoholism

Early Use is a key risk factor for developing alcoholism (or a drug addiction, for that matter).  As I’ve written in other posts, there are five key Risk Factors for developing the disease of addiction (whether to drugs or alcohol), and they include: genetics (if it runs in the family, genetic predisposition); social environment (whereContinue Reading

Understanding the Disease of Addiction Before “That” Drink

Understanding the disease of addiction before “that” drink. Where am I coming from? I was reading a recent post, “Repeat Drunk Driver Accused in MLB Player’s Death,” reporting on the tragic death of a young, promising baseball player and two others at the hands of a repeat DUI offender, and was taken by Lou C’sContinue Reading