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Many of those who contact me have a question or are worried about what to do next with regards to a loved one’s OR their own substance abuse, addiction, co-occurring disorder, treatment options, next steps, how to intervene or any of the other host of questions that have been plaguing them or their family for some time. I welcome your phone calls at 916-241-3288 and emails at

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Learn more about my consulting services, and if you think I can help, please email me at or call 916-241-3288.

To Schedule a Presentation or Training

For information on my speaking and training work, click here. For details, please send me an email at or call 916-241-3288. Companies and Public Agencies will also find information on my workplace oriented programs and services at SHD

Writer’s Submission Guidelines

This blog is all about sharing the experiences, information and opinions from experts in the field and those willing to share their own personal experiences on any of the topics covered in this blog.

I receive scores of “Hey” or “Hi there” queries every week asking if I accept guest posts. I also receive scores of queries that offer guest posts that have no relevance to my work – funeral homes, educational products – even Halloween decorating tips. It is apparent they’ve not taken the time to read through my blog, let alone scroll down further on the Contact page to read the Writer’s Submission Guidelines. Please know that only submissions that follow these guidelines will be reviewed (all others will be deleted):

  1. Article topic must be relevant to readers. Please take the time to browse through several articles in the category you are interested in writing about (“Blog Categories” are found in the right column). So many of the submissions are written as if addiction or treatment or recovery have not been covered.
  2. Article topic must provide a new, fresh or unique perspective and not be a rehash of topics that have been covered in depth already (the blog has published over 1600 articles).
  3. Article cannot be a pitch for a company or product, rather it should be an article about a topic and the “pitch” and relevant links will be in the introduction I provide and the brief bio the author provides. Please take the time to read through other guest posts to see how this is handled.
  4. Article must be original, not a reprint of an article placed elsewhere. It is okay to summarize and refer/link to an existing article, however.
  5. Author must be sharing a personal experience and/or is a professional and/or is an expert in the topic they are covering.
  6. The author of the piece must be the person writing and submitting the article, not a PR or marketing company representative. Emails must be from the author’s email address (this is to avoid submission of an unauthorized article, which has happened). Additionally, only queries received from the author will be answered. In other words, queries from a PR marketing company representative will not be answered.
  7. Word count can be anywhere from 500 – 1500 words. Depending on length, article should contain 2 – 5 sub-headings. These should be phrases a person might use when searching the Internet. They will become the H1 H2 headers for the article, which enhances searchability and exposure for the author.
  8. Include a short author bio and any contact links (e.g., website, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn…, email, phone number) author wants included.
  9. Please submit article as an attached word.doc only – do not embed it in an email – and list all links included in the article at the end of your word.doc, even if they are hyperlinked in the piece.
  10. Please attach a .jpg headshot of the author and/or book cover and/or other relevant images for which author has copyright.

Please send your query to Lisa at Your query should include a brief introductory bio (again, keeping in mind numbers 4 and 5 above) and a brief description of the article (including tentative sub-headings). Do not send the full article unless invited to do so. Please know it can take 2 – 4 weeks for my reply.

To Share Your Recovery Story as a Face of Recovery

This link, Faces of Recovery, shares what that this is all about, and from there, you can link to the personal recovery stores of those who’ve joined this effort. To become a Face of Recovery, yourself, please contact me at