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For more than a decade, Lisa Frederiksen has been speaking, consulting and conducting training and workshop programs for schools, treatment centers, general audiences and other professional groups covering the recent brain research as it applies the substance misuse, addiction, treatment, recovery, mental health disorders, secondhand drinking and the like. This research provides answers to age-old questions and assumptions about underage drinking, relapse, why a person develops an addiction, why people continue to drink or use drugs in spite of their hurting the people they love the most, why “just say ‘no'” doesn’t work and so much more.

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Lisa Frederiksen in her 2012 video, "Alcoholism is a Disease and It's Not Alcohol Abuse." Click on image to watch.

Lisa Frederiksen in her 2012 video, “Alcoholism is a Disease and It’s Not Alcohol Abuse.” Click on image to watch.

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