12-Step Programs & Teens

12-step programs – are they effective for teens in recovery?

12-Step Programs & Teens

12-step programs shown to help teens in recovery from addiction.

A current study published in the April 16, 2012 online journal of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research (ACER) is being covered extensively in the news, today, such as the article by Emma Hitt, PhD in Medscape Medical News, “Adolescents Benefit From attending 12 Step Meetings.” ACER was founded by the National Council on Alcoholism (now the NCADD) and the study being covered was led by John F. Kelly, PhD, from the Department of Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston.

According to Dr. Hitt’s article, “Adolescent outpatient attendance in community-based 12-step programs for up to 1 year positively predicted abstinence, supporting the value of this resource for young participants, according to new research.”

To help parents, siblings and teens better understand 12-step programs and how they might work for teens, I thought I’d use this post to share the following links:

Teen Addiction Anonymous links to a website developed by teens, with teens, and for teens.

Young People and AA” links to a PDF in which ten Young A.A.’s —16 to 27— tell how the program works for them.

A Message to Teenagers: How to Tell When Drinking is Becoming a Problem” links to a flier adapted from the pamphlet “Too Young?”

NA Meeting Locator links to a website from which visitors can find nearby NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meetings (though not necessarily specific to teens).

AA Meeting Locator links to a website from which visitors can find nearby AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings (though not necessarily specific to teens).

And for more information on teens and drugs, check out the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD)’s article, “Alcohol, Drugs and Youth.”

Lisa Frederiksen

Lisa Frederiksen

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