Codependency & Enabling Explained by Ken P. and Bob T.

Codependency and enabling are confusing to most people. They are not words you generally hear unless you are somehow connected to the addiction recovery world. And even in the addiction recovery world, they are not a term that makes a whole lot of sense because they’re used to describe what happens to family members and friends of addicts/alcoholics.

Ken P. and Bob T., co-authors of We Codependent Men, do an incredible job of explaining codependency, enabling, and their personal spirals through the destruction for the family member of a loved one who drinks or abuses drugs — especially from a man’s perspective (the father, the husband).  This half hour program is a must-listen for men and women and people just wanting to better understand these concepts. Ken P. lost his wife to the disease of alcoholism and Bob T. lost his daughter to the disease of drug addiction (cocaine).

To listen to their interview, please click here >>>


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