Sharing New Research on the Brain, Mental Illness & Addiction – Charlie Rose and Guests

Charlie Rose has done it again — this time producing an excellent program on the brain, mental illness & addiction — with guests Eric Kandel of Columbia University, Gerald Fischbach of the Simons Foundation, Cornelia Bargmann of Rockefeller University, Nora Volkow of the National Institute on Drug Abuse and Thomas Insel of the National Institute of Mental Health.

For those who are interested in the brain and addiction and mental illness and how the brain can heal, what’s involved in treating addiction, how a person can create “work arounds,” why this is even possible to know — this program is a must see.

Click on the link title, Charlie Rose Brain Series 2, Episode 1, below and link to the show. To zero in on the portion specific to addiction, start at 23:16, although I urge you to watch the entire 56 minute video.

Charlie Rose Brain Series 2, Episode 1

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Lisa Frederiksen

Lisa Frederiksen

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