Secondhand Drinking | Secondhand Drugging (SHD)

Secondhand drinking, secondhand drugging – they’re as real as secondhand smoke. They are what happens to those who are on the receiving end of a person’s drinking or drug abuse behaviors.

Secondhand Drinking | Secondhand Drugging (SHD)

SHD is what happens to the person who must cope with the arguments, the verbal/physical or emotional abuse, the physical assault, the sexual assault, the behaviors that occur in a blackout, the accident caused when driving while impaired. They are the impacts another person experiences as a result of trying to cope with a person’s drinking / drugging behaviors, which are the behaviors a person engages in as a result of drinking or using a drug in quantities that exceed that which the body and brain can handle.


Secondhand Drinking – It’s as Real as Secondhand Smoke.
It’s what happens to those on the receiving end of a person’s drinking behaviors – like parental arguments rooted in excessive drinking.

I have had a great deal of interest, lately, about the concept of secondhand drinking, secondhand drugging (SHD), so I thought it might be helpful to pull together some previous blog post links on this subject. The term is meant to cause impressions similar to those people have when they hear “secondhand smoke,” a term that immediately brings to mind the impacts of a person’s smoking on others.

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Two other blog posts you may find helpful when trying to better understand and prevent SHDD are included below:

  1. An Unsent Letter to Dad: the Impact of Secondhand Drinking on Children
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  1. doug says:

    Great that you covering such topic. Its so important. Especially young adults in the UK are getting drunk and using drugs every day. its horrible. people should be more educated..

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