Signs of a Relapse

A recent post, today, about the signs of a relapse, is worth reading. Addiction is a chronic, often relapsing brain disease. This means relapse can be part of recovering from this brain disease, which is what makes knowing these signs especially important.

Quoting from the opening paragraphs of Buddy T,’s article, Warning Signs of an Alcohol or Drug Relapse:

Relapse is so common in the alcohol and drug recovery process that it is estimated more than 90 percent of those trying to remain abstinent have at least one relapse before they achieve lasting sobriety. But a relapse, sometimes called a “slip,” doesn’t begin when you pick up a drink or a drug. It is a slow process that begins long before you actually use.

The steps to a relapse are actually changes in attitudes, feelings and behaviors that gradually lead to the final step, picking up a drink or a drug.

And for anot
her great explanation of relapse, check out Understanding Addiction: What Is a Relapse?

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