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Drug Tests Don’t Lie

Drug Tests Don’t Lie is a guest post from The Discovering Alcoholic, who writes a top rated recovery blog,, covering alcoholism, substance abuse, treatment and recovery issues. NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield is proclaiming his innocence after being suspended for failing a drug test. My first thought is drug tests don’t lie, but people do.Continue Reading

When an Opioid Drug Addict Needs Surgery | Pain Meds

When an opioid drug addict needs surgery | pain meds alarm bells go off for everyone concerned. What can / should they do? At a recent meeting, one of the discussions was about living in fear of what would happen if a recovering opioid drug addict with the co-addiction of alcoholism had to have surgeryContinue Reading

To Mothers Who May Have a Child Who Drinks Too Much

When you have a child who drinks too much, it is especially difficult to find anything “Happy” about “Happy Mother’s Day.” Whether your child is a teen or an adult, being a mother of a child with a drinking problem (whether alcohol abuse or alcoholism) is unbelievably difficult. The concepts of “letting go” or “mindContinue Reading

Addiction Triggers Aren’t Dangerous Unless…

Addiction triggers – like real triggers – are dangerous – unless you’re in their line of fire. Here to share his thoughts in today’s guest post, “Triggers Aren’t Dangerous Unless You’re Standing in Front of the Gun,” is my good friend, The Discovering Alcoholic, who writes a blog at Perrry Morgan says cash is his trigger.Continue Reading

If an alcoholic is unwilling to get help, what can you do about it?

If an alcoholic is unwilling to get help, is there anything someone can do to make them? This is a frequent question, and the simple answer is, “Yes.” But before I share the answers offered by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), I’d like to share this resource, The Addiction Project. ItContinue Reading

Knowing What’s Really Important to Prevent Addiction

Parents often ask what they can do to prevent addiction or drug | alcohol abuse in their children. To share his advice, please find the following guest post by Adi Jaffe, Director of and a UCLA trained addiction expert. Before Dr. Jaffe got involved in addiction research in UCLA classrooms and labs, he was a drug dealer and methContinue Reading